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The First Elite FF Clinic!

A little description of our first ever Elite FF Clinic and how it went down!

As you may know, Elite FF has just held its first ever clinic for young female footballers looking to improve their skills and reach their full potential. Elite FF prides itself on the importance of providing females with the opportunity to train like elite footballers. In a male dominated game, we see the need to bridge the gap between the support and opportunities given to females. We hope that these clinics are just the start of a bigger movement, helping empower young women in the game of football.

Our clinic aimed to educate and inspire young female footballers on and off the field. We had three days of the clinic, broken down into three sessions a day. These sessions were a mix of technical, theoretical, and tactical. The technical sessions focused on the basics; first touch, scanning, ball control, etc. These basics were put to the test in a progression of passing patterns and rondos, which eventually led to competitive games. Our theoretical sessions were guided by guest speakers. Brianna Davey, captain of the Women’s Carlton Football Club and a past goalie for the young Matildas, spoke to the girls on the life of an athlete. She aimed to inspire them to set goals and fight to obtain these goals. The girls also heard from Ash Brown, a former young Matilda and winner of the W-League Young Player of the Season: 2011-2012. Ash Brown spoke to the girls on the importance of nutrition, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention. The tactical sessions were focused on teaching the girls how to read a play, how to gain the knowledge needed to make an appropriate call or decision, and how to apply the decision-making skills to the problem. By focusing on these three types of sessions, we believe we have given the girls the necessary tools to thrive in the football environment.

Elite FF was fortunate enough to be powered by SKLZ. They provided us with cones, hurdles, ladders, pre-activation bands, etc. This was a big focus during the clinic because we understand the benefits and importance of pre-activation. SKLZ provided each girl at the clinic with a guide on pre-activation movements so that they would know how to properly use the bands given. We were then lucky enough to have Charlee West, a physio at Beleura Health, come out and walk the girls through the guide, answering any questions they had. SKLZ also provided an “MVP package”, which was given to the girl we thought embodied the Elite FF brand. Here’s what Sascha Kozomara, our first Elite FF MVP, had to say:

“Having the opportunity to be part of the first Elite Female Football Academy Clinic with two amazing coaches and players Head Coach Caity Friend and Assistant Coach Kayla Morrison was amazing! The clinic was intense, challenging but most of all fun and enjoyable. Over 3 days I got to train with other amazing players and made some great new friendships.“

Elite FF was created with the idea in mind that girls deserve the opportunities to train like elite footballers. We want to provide a platform that allows girls to reach their full football potential. Ultimately, we intend to instil confidence and quality in every player coached under the Elite FF brand.

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