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Training with a friend is the most popular training method of our players. Training as a group provides the player with extra motivation, accountability, support and fun. We believe that having another player that is similar level of ability training with you, pushing and encouraging you will bring our the competitive edge and therefore you are most likely to work harder and get the most out of the session. Working with teammates is part of the game! If you are interested, let us know what times suit you and we will put the player in a specific group.



Elite FF Group Training are 90 minute highly technical sessions catered for 5-10 players. In these sessions our Elite FF team will work on the core skills of football including; 1st touch, passing, running with the ball and striking the ball. We will also involve the physical aspect of the game and include a strength & conditioning element to each session. 

We will be running group sessions in school holidays and long weekends throughout the year. If you are interested in group training please contact us. 

WHO: All girls aged 8-17yrs (groups will be determined by age and skill level)

WHEN: School holidays and long weekends

Duration: 90 minutes

WHERE: Veneto Club, 191 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen



We are also offering Elite FF team training! If you are interested in the Elite FF team coming to your club to run a 90 minute training session with your girls team, let us know! We will bring our Elite FF team to you and prove the equipment and elite training. 

We can cater the 90 minute session to an objective you are trying to achieve within your team OR we can run one of our classic highly intensive technical sessions. 

For more information on group training or team training, contact us!

WHO: All girls teams 

WHEN: Depends on your training schedule!

Duration: 90 minutes

WHERE: At your club!

COST: $250 per session (If players would like to purchase an Elite FF training top $25 per player.

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