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Steph Catley, Guest Speaker

Some advice I'd give to girls wanting to get to the next level is to go to clinics like the Elite FF clinic. Its a great way to be around other girls that also want to take it to the next level and improve your skills. The coaches, equipment, apparel and facilities are elite which creates a professional environment for girls to really excel. 

Sascha Kozomara,

Elite FF Player

Over the 3 days I trained with other amzing players and made some great new friends! We also met some amazing guest speakers like Steph Catley who is my Idol. The clinic was intense, challenengin but most of all fun and enjoyable! We had a physiotherapist come and talk to us and teach us the importance of pre-hab and the correct way to do strength exercises. We also did an exciting world cup round robin, my team Germany came 3rd but we played well! I can't wait for the next Elite FF Clinic!

Charlee West,

S&C Coach

I love coming down to the Elite FF Clinics. It is such a professional environment and the girls are always interactive and coachable. I would recommend a clinic like this to any young female footballer, as it touches on all of the important aspects in the womens game. I have a strong belief that strength, conditioning and injury prevention plays a huge role in football.

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